8 Crucial Advice Newlyweds Need To Know

8 Crucial Advice Newlyweds Need To Know

No matter how beautiful and memorable your big day was, real life kicks in and the next chapter of your relationship is full of challenges and struggles. If you’re newlyweds, you should definitely read this marriage advice to help you navigate those first few years together;

  1. Don’t commingle your finances until you’re totally ready.

It’s very important for a couple to definitely be on the same page when it comes to finances even before they get married. Although it’s not a standard rule not to commingle finances, but it’s very crucial to talk with your respective partner and get a general sense of how you want it to work out. If you decide to commingle, you should definitely have your own checking accounts as well.

  1. Don’t let small issues fester into big blows.

Marriage can be enjoyable and satisfying, but it will have a lot of issues and disappointments and it’s going to hit you in the early years of your marriage. Some of these issues and disappointments are just little things that turned into big ones if you don’t know how to handle them. It’s really important to let things manifest. If something’s bothering you in the moment, say it and let it out but learn to listen and accept your mistakes. That way, small things don’t exacerbate into something bigger down the line.

  1. Know the importance of a sincere apology.

It’s really frustrating to be in a relationship with someone who cannot see the other side of an argument and refuses to apologize. It’s basically impossible to date or married somebody like that. When you do something to your partner even if it’s worth an apology or not, do it sincerely to validate their feelings and help you both to learn your mistakes and move on.

  1. Do something thoughtful for your spouse every day.

It’s so amazing for someone to come home and be surprised with some thoughtful gifts even if they are small or simple ones to brighten up their day. Small things like complimenting his/her look, buying her flowers, writing him a love letter, cooking his/her favorite dish or calling your spouse to simply remind them how much you appreciate them. Doing these simple acts can make a big difference in your marriage.

  1. Don’t compare your marriage to anybody else.

It’s easy to compare our life with everyone else’s especially during the worse times. But it’s a toxic behavior and a time waster. Avoid comparing your marriage to others. If you come from different backgrounds, work through it by communicating and focusing on what works for your relationship. Bringing out the best in each other is what marriage is all about.

  1. Designate date nights.

If you’ve got kids, you can get a nanny and plan ahead for your date night. But if you can’t get out, once the kids in bed, it’s nice to draw a bath together sometimes, pour a glass of wine, cook in at home and just really enjoy each other and take quality time out from a busy week to take and let loose for a little while.

  1. Let man be the man.

This doesn’t mean that woman needs to be in the kitchen and the man needs to be out earning the money. This only means little things like, when you make a reservation, make it in his name, ask him to help you fix things around the house and let him open the door for you. A man should stand up when his date or a woman leaves a table. You have to let the man be the man in the relationship even if you think you’re smarter than him sometimes.

  1. Don’t Lose Yourself

Don’t lose who you are as much as you spend time with your spouse. It’s really important to take time to yourself and stay true to yourself. That could be just having a massage, hitting the gym, going on a long walk, having a weekend relaxation with your friends or doing what you love. When you have that alone time, you get to come back and have more to talk about.


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