5 Tips To Have A Healthy And Happy Hookup

5 Tips To Have A Healthy And Happy Hookup

Obviously, everybody relates to casual sex in different ways. Some people find it pointless or heartless and some people find it to be like their favorite way of enjoying people’s bodies and people’s hearts. If hooking up is a thing you’re interested in, we’ve got important tips for you to make sure you have a happy and healthy experience;

  1. Have an intention.

Know why you’re looking for casual sex or why you’re engaging in casual sex. It doesn’t have to be a noble reason, it doesn’t have to be a magnanimous reason and it doesn’t have to be a healthy reason. If your reason is loneliness, if it’s just needing to get a crash out of your system, if it’s just needing to prove to yourself that you can do it, if you are recovering from a trauma and you want to try and take a step back into having sex or you don’t want a relationship and just want somebody to share a romp with, they’re all perfectly valid reasons as long as they’re your own reasons. Because if you know why you’re doing it, odds are you’ll find a much more fulfilling way to engage in it.

  1. Be clear with your partner what you’re actually looking for.

Whatever online dating or casual dating apps you’re using, Tinder, Bumble, Grindr or any sort of app that’s designed for sex , hooking or just getting you to meet people, be crystal clear what your intention is so that people can opt in. A lot of times people have make assumptions about other people based on all sorts of things particularly gender when it comes to sex. So, if you can, communicate clearly with what you’re looking for so that people can consent to opt in to what you’re offering.

  1. Treat everyone with respect.

It’s a little bit harder to define but incredibly important. It’s like the actual golden rule to treat other people as you would want to be treated. This doesn’t mean that you have to propose marriage to somebody because you had sex with them, this just means that you treat them with kindness, appreciation and respect. Honor the fact that they trusted you enough to share their body and be intimate with you. You don’t even have to love them, but you have to treat the other person like good people. It helps to reduce the negative feelings that a lot of us have in terms of the messaging that we get around sexuality.

  1. Make sure the other person is into it.

Just ask them if they’re cool with what’s going on and give them the option to say no. Giving them the option to get out is not because you’re pushing them away. It’s just going to show that you respect them and that they can feel safe with you. If they back out, it’s because they weren’t really ready for it in the first place.

  1. Bring the passion.

Be passionate in the moment with someone. Pay attention to them and how their body is responding. Ask them how they feel or if they like what you’re doing so that you can get in tune with their body.

Last but definitely not the least, make sure you’ve got your back and everything else covered because the risk is just not worth it!

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